The Maiden Voyage

June 18, 2016

Forgot the dog dishes and the dry dog food.  Really?  If I disect our many reasons for buying this and camping……we bought this camper primarily for the dogs and we forgot their dishes and the dry food.  Hmmmm, must be something to do with FINNissues, right?  We realized this at the 40-minute mark.  What else did we forget? No biggie, we’ll get it in Lake Placid.

Our goal was to pull out at 4:00 pm,  Friday. We beat this by just under 45 minutes. Kudos totally go to me! I actually got out of work on the early side of my planned exit. Which was outstanding!! We still had some packing and shuffling around to do, but it sure seemed that we had more than we had planned before getting onthe road.  Note to self, be more ready next time, because before George leaves for ANYWHERE, his father comes over….no, not to help, but to chat…to drink coffee and chat…to drink coffee, chat and talk about world problems??…distraction ensues.  I call George and give a “WOO HOO I’m out” and by the time I take the corner of our street Dad is going one way and George is going the other to fill up.  Promises begin in my head…I will be completely ready to go next time. I had forgotten this particular FINNissue because it belongs more to Dad……but it’s in the gene pool…next time I will remember.

Titan and Sacchi were all ready to go and just waiting on us.  Off went the pack.  We should have a 3-3.5 hour drive.  What the ride had was 3 count them 3…close my eyes moments. Big truck→Big fifth wheel→road construction…and one low bridge.  George thought it was funny.  I thought I might puke. Height of the RV→13.3”… Height of the bridge 12.3”.  Long story…we made it.  Thanks Deb.

Memorial Day weekend 2016 and here we are in Lake Placid, most widely known for the Winter Olympics in 1932 and 1980.  Lake Placid, is a village in Essex County, New York in the Adirondack Mountains. BREATHTAKING….. and we’re just over three hours from home. Seriously, I know when people think New York they automatically envision skyscrapers and taxis, but we have more… so much more.  Lake Placid, while still apearing to be a small town has everything available in a big city. It’s beautiful here.

Our home for three nights is KOA Lake Placid/Whiteface Mountain, Wilmington NY. Willmington is “The biking capitol of the Adirondacks” which was obvious throughout the weekend.   Adjacent to the campground is the Ausable River which certainly makes the ride into the campsite more picturesqu.  This campground has a lovely rustic adirondack setting with shade and mountain views. Chip and Julie Grundon operate this campground and do a lovely job.  George worked with Chip at the fire department years ago so it was nice to visit with friends. This KOA facility is now open all year round which could be a possibility for us to camp and ski Whiteface. (Last year we got back on skis after decades…..and have survived thus far…time will tell right?)

What can we do in Lake Placid, NY
What can we do in Lake Placid, NY

There is quite a bit to do in Lake Placid and surrounding towns.  We only had a few days, so we had to pick and choose our siteseeing in between adjusting to our new home away from home on wheels.  There is some nice shopping in Lake Placid and we spent a few hours Saturday in the village. There is certainly alot of “olympic themed” items to choose from, a lovely store Saratoga Olive Oil  full of every flavor of olive oil you could ever imagine and Pure Placid which has natural bath, body and home care products.  I purchased the Pure Placid Shoo Fly which is a natural bug repellant which has a very pleasant scent. (It states it repells mosquitoes, ticks and a few other creepies) I do not want to use OFF on us or the dogs if at all possible and Pure Placid has both spray for us and the furbabies (there is also some for your equine friends).  The Shoo Fly has quite a following and now that we are camping I have a greater need for something to keep the creepies at bay.  If we had more time to take the 2.7 mile walk around Mirror Lake we would have, but we wanted to get back to check on Sacchi.  We took the speedier route and drove around the lake, making sure to pick up UBU Ale at Lake Placid Pub & Brewery cause hey, we have our priorities and we were going to get campfire time after dinner.

Hiking was something else we wanted to fit in.  Heaven Hills trail system opened in September of 2015, which presently has three trails to choose from. Dogs are welcome and I read that there are some beautiful views of the High Peaks on Old Orchard Loop. This is on the list to do next time (?) A view not to be missed is High Peak #5.  Whiteface Mountain and the drive up Veterans Memorial Highway on Memorial Day was perfect. (FINNissue #73…sometimes the obvious is just not so obvious) The signage to get here is big and bold, BUT we missed it.  This intesection has new, updated bold signage for everything else to see and do and yes we scanned right over the LARGE, old school obvious entrance sign we were looking for….yes, sometimes the struggle is real.

Old signage vs updated signage. The struggle is real.
Old signage vs updated signage. The struggle is real.

We lucked out with the weather on our trek up to the summit peak of 4,867 foot high Whiteface Mountain with Titan and we were rewarded with a spectacular panoramic view of Lake Placid spanning to Vermont (Canada on a really clear day) I wore sneakers up and thought about the need to buy some hiking boots.  Just for the record, I lost count of the people who wore flip flops. I was slipping with the sneakers so I think appropriate shoes are important unless you are going to ride the elevator up and down, just sayin’. The view was everything you could hope for and more.  I love the fact that you can walk up, but have the option of the elevator for everyone you go with to participate.

Titan is not allowed in the elevator and he was fine with that. Check out site for pet friendly attractions in Wilmington, NY and while traveling.

HIgh on NY
High on New York




We had a great opportunity to use the new camera here. Let’s just say, we (when I say we → I mean me) are going to need some practice…and maybe a study guide.

The gift shop wasn’t anything to speak  of and by the time we were back down to the truck we were convincing ourselves we could make it more profitable. Yeah, it’s one more of the FINNissues…I’m not sure what number.  I may have to start writing them down.  We like to review the good, bad and otherwise and share our visions with each other on what we would do if it was ours. George loves ideas so we have fun with the concept. There is a cute restaurant, a stone castle, an elevator in the mountain and 360° views. So worth the visit even if I didn’t buy anything in the gift shop.

As we made our way back to the campsite, the rain started and boy did it come down. Turned out to be a good time to hunker down in the camper and figure out how some of these things worked.  Yes, we pulled out the instruction manuel for the radio and the television. Drastic times call for drastic measures…and yes, we won…and yes, I checked the idiom to make sure I said it correctly.

Our trip home was uneventful.  Sacchi was a bit calmer in the car.  Her preference is to sit on my lap but then she gets too hot. The fidgits happen. I didn’t have to close my eyes because if we made it through once, well, we should be good to go.  We stopped in Schroon Lake at a restaurant called Pitkins and well, YUM! What a pretty little town (really hamlet because NY likes to scramble you up like that) This would be worth another pass through!

Home safe and already planning our next trip. I can cross Lake Placid, rhubarb pie and a few other things off off my bucket list.  We’re still alive and still married….things look good. Life is happening now. Stay tuned.



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