America’s Largest Camping Show

October 12, 2016

Goin’ for year #2.

This was our second time at this show and our third RV show. This show is important.  Huge, HUGE selection and great pricing.  MANUFACTURES present their new models through the dealers. Both years we have come away feeling these are the best prices.  The annual show in Hershey, Pennsylvania was September 14-18, 2016.  There are specific days for only the trade called Industry Days and the public days start Wednesday through Sunday.  George and I left New York Friday and got home Sunday night.

img_1265We pulled in Friday night to the Hershey Park Campground. Very clean and well maintained.  The store is adorable.  The pool was closed for the season but the area looks nice for a family to hang out after a day at the park.

As we maneuver through the newness of RVing we have AH HA moments or run into FINNissues, so to speak.  Well let me explain what happened here.  We drove to our site and began our radio controlled park procedure…(Silver Fox to Grey Squirrel, come in Grey Squirrel) No, I don’t know where George got it from but yes, it stuck.  I’m Grey Squirrel. So, there are families camping on either side of us.  As George is backing in I hear this sound….it gets louder…. it’s not coming from our vehicles. Seriously, I’m looking around and WTH?!!  The neighbors to the right are looking at me almost with anticipation?  They’re definitely smiling…. The middle child is laughing??…. The husband and wife at the same time say, ” It’s the train. ”  Train??? Trains…plural. Really?  “Yes,” they say.  “The trains go by all the time.”  Well I want a definition of “all the time”.  They say, “Every hour”. Let me just say…they were not joking….AH HA Moment…PICK YOUR SITE WISELY…research and ask questions…the park staff told us that this was the last site when we booked…talking to the neighbor on the other side…he was told he had the last site…hmmmm.

Other than the train(s) there is an up side. There is FREE shuttle service to the parks and Giant Stadium.  It’s the easiest way to travel back and forth. However, consider the attendance specific to your choice of weekend because of traffic. The shuttle as all traffic runs slowly. Normally, I’m sure this is probably wonderful. There was however, so much traffic on this weekend that the shuttle took forever. F O R E V E R.  I can’t say if it took longer than driving yourself.  Honestly, this show gets a tremendous turnout any way you traveled over was going to take significant time.  Add the attendance at the show and the attendance to the parks and well you get the idea.

When we went in 2015 it was our pre-RV ownership.  We stayed at the Hilton Harrisburg-Lovely hotel.  The address from hell (GPS Friendly address 200 Market Street Harrisburg) Be careful that you have the correct address if you’re driving to it.  We took a short unexpected tour of the area before calling the hotel to figure out why we were having FINNisssues.

We had specific models to look at in 2016.  The Airstream was first on the list. In an effort to state facts I need to mention that George was having a bit of “buyers remorse” Howie is a beast.  The Cameo is beautiful and I am in love BUT I don’t drive it nor will I. Based on the trips we have taken so far I can see the difficulties of the size. Most specifically the height.  The Airstreams are in a class all by themselves. We both felt it was a future possibility.

img_1269We spent a significant amount of time looking over the CLASS B models. We recognize that as we look at extremely different models that
we have to know the kind of travel we want to do. Size matters in these big trips. We spent time with Phil Rizzio who purchased the intellectual rights to Chinook.
We fell in love. Everything we want in a small package.  There is obvious attention to detail.  Beautiful fit and finish and a security camera that would be ideal for the worrier in me. I would just have to be willing to convert to the small package. I admit I’m not there right now but I’m keeping an open mind.img_1257

Retirement may allow me some variation in my thinking.  I know that at this time we get to have some great adventures that are vacations.  I know at the end of the day I don’t want to have to make up the bed. I like it ready for me to fall into. Many of the small class C’s and Class B’s needed this each night.

We did look at the Class A motorhomes. I guess one question is what can we purchase that I would drive in order to give George a break while on the road. For now we left the show happy with Howie, our house on wheels.  Back to work tomorrow.


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