What are FINNissues??!??!!

What is/are FINNissues? Certainly, FINNissues are not tangible. The word itself lends to some confusion.  Is it a noun? Adverb? Verb? Maybe FINNissues is the name of a hot, new, trendy magazine? Could it be a new snacky chip? Is it included in the paperwork you just got from the DMV?  Quite possibly all of the above.

Let me explain.  I hear people use the phrase, “You have issues”. It’s a euphemism for problems said in pop culture as a snarky, sarcastic comment. That’s how it originated at our house……….most typically in response to something George did (or didn’t do). I’ve gone to great lengths to point out his FINNissues. However, unlike “ISSUES” ……FINNissues are positive…. sort of….FINNissues manage to take a negative and turn it into a positive (albeit not always immediately) …..  That’s where things get interesting.

Happy Travels
Happy Travels

Travel with us on our journey to retirement. Experience our FINNissues along the way.  Figure out if you have a few FINNissues of your own or let us help you prevent some that you may be facing in your own path.  There are hundreds of FINNissues which we have defined and hundreds more to dissect….come laugh along.

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