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Soooo, since we last spoke, George and I have quit our jobs.  Last week, we put the house on the market and we have sold the children.  (Since there are four of them, we ran a special, buy one, get one free and it worked out spectacularly!!)  We are getting rid of all George’s tools and I just dropped off most of my shoes and crafty supplies at Goodwill.  We purchased some extra large backpacks and a small tent. Certainly we are taking our two dogs with us.Aviary Photo_131083942403349877

Hmmmmmmmmm……….not buying it are you????  No, I didn’t think so.  Only the part about the dogs is true.

George is still Captain Finn at the fire department and I am still selling dumpsters and dealing with “trashy” problems.   The boys are all doing great and three of them are successfully out on their own. Things here are actually running pretty smoothly.  Two side businesses have been bought/created and run successfully then sold.  The house is clean and the garage is organized……yeah, we were overdue. WAY overdue. George’s “FINNissues” were a bubblin’.  Well, they’re always “bubbling” let’s say we had a rolling boil.

He needed a project. FINNissues #17 is that George has to be researching “something”  FINNissues #2 is that he has an IDEA.  There is a plan in the wings…..not just a plan….but a plan B. After about a year of research, shopping and RV shows, we purchased our 2017 Cameo by Crossroads 33 RL Fifth Wheel.

All American Power
All American Power

After 10 years together, I have caught? contracted? absorbed? FINNissues. So, not only are we going to travel the United States, we are going to be making and sharing our decisions about our FINNevitable retirement…… TOGETHER. Together with you!  We are going to share the good, the bad and the FINNissues with you.

Come follow us on our journey.  Retirement is greatly contingent on the”financial”  but there are so many other issues (FINNissues) that are part of the package that make it a happy and successful retirement for the couple.  Those are the ones we are highlighting for you. (because there’s got to be a boatload of FINNissues there)

We will be traveling while continuing our traditional daily lives.  We will be trying to fit those two things comfortably together while we make decisions about when, where and how we will do the retirement “thing” together.  We will leave home, but always return to the Hudson Valley after each adventure. We will share some of the beauty and entertainment that is here in the HV with you and possibly this is where we will always stay.   George has an endless supply of subjects to research and projects in the planning. (now he has a new RV to modify) We have a long list of places that we are FINNterested in visiting cross the USA.  There are just so many FINNissues to share with you..it’s going to be FINNominal.  Stay tuned!





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